1Gp coin still legal tender – BoG

The Bank of Ghana (BoG) has cautioned members of the public who reject the 1Gp coin to desist from doing so, insisting that the lowest coin denomination is still a legal tender.

“The bank has no immediate plan of withdrawing the 1Gp from circulation,” BoG said in a Q&A release on its website following the introduction of a GHS2 coin together with new GHS100 and GHS200 banknotes”.

There are incessant reports of a section of the public refusing to use the 1Gp coin for transaction.

The culprits are usually bus conductors (mates) of commercial vehicles (trotro) resulting in fisticuffs with passengers on some occasions.

Some individuals also reject the 1Gp coin but checks by Class91.3FM reveal that some large shops and supermarkets who price their goods in pesewas accept and also issue 1Gp coins as a change to customers.