20 under 40: Bernardino Koku Avle

The self-taught radio journalist may have his share of haters – like every strong-headed, enterprising young person – but before you tune off in disinterest, consider that Bernardino Avle is now one of the most sought after radio breakfast show hosts, never mind that his station, CitiFM, came after the early birds had really established lofty standards. First, he learned from the best; “My great mentor in broadcasting was Komla Dumor,” he said on the passing of the globally iconic BBC broadcaster who, to Bernard, defined in Ghana, what modern morning radio ought to be, by how he “asked the hard questions, played the right music, said the funniest things and seemed to be enjoying every bit of it as he did.”

Bernard, as he’s affectionately called, has come into a class of his own, focusing on issues on technology, business & economics, good governance and social development, with his distinctive mark of a well-researched approach to any area of discussion, which translates into the piercing and relevant questions that he treats his guests to.

Little wonder his come so far so fast, given his passion for radio during his university days at Legon, where, as a student in Economics he worked at Radio Univers and moved straight into CitiFM. In the process, he’s obtained an MBA from the Warwick Business School in the UK. Now as Director of News, Bernard plays the role of moderator and facilitator of local and international business, political, economic and technology conferences, while also overseeing News Strategy formulation and execution, and managing the work of over 30 journalists daily.