Accra Brewery PLC launches ‘Together we are Gold’ campaign

Accra Brewery PLC has launched a campaign dubbed “Together we are Gold” at Ho in the Volta region, to mark the Independence Day celebrations.

The aim of the campaign is to constantly remind ‘chales’ not to compromise on quality moments they spend with other ‘Chales’even in difficult times. As a constant element of Ghanaian culture since 1931, CLUB represents the consistency of Ghanaian resilience in the face of constant change. For this reason, the Club Gold Gardens was created to renovate and uplift your favourite bars to ensure you have a wonderful place to spend quality time with chales.

The launch was marked by performances from Volta cultural group, a live band and a documentary on the first revamp in the Volta region, which featured the revamp of Depo Spot in Ho. In the video, the owner Richard Amu Oboubi harnessed his excitement and gratitude to club beer for the tremendous uplift of his outlet and how it had already started impacting sales.

Commenting, the Head of Marketing, Chuka Nnaobi said: “The CLUB Gold Gardens are expected to give our cherished customers a renewed ambience when enjoying their favourite Club Beer. To ensure long-lasting fun while enjoying your favourite CLUB Beer, ABL is excited to offer you a custom-made Club Gold Garden.” Together we are gold!

The occasion was also used to educate patrons on ABL’s commitment to responsible drinking-The Art of Smart Drinking.

ABL’s portfolio of popular beverages such as Ghana’s best-selling beer, Club Premium Lager, Club Shandy, Eagle Lager, Eagle Stout, Stella Artois, Corona, Budweiser, and Beta Malt.