Airtel, Tigo merger to solidify telecom industry

The new entity to be formed following the merger of Tigo and Airtel should improve service delivery in Ghana’s telecommunications industry.

The move should also build larger institutions to deepen competition and give value for money.

This is the assertion of the Marketing Director at Airtel, Rosy Fynn.

Madam Fynn also believes the coming in of the new entity will help bridge existing gaps facing consumers in the telecom industry.

Her comments come ahead of an official announcement of the new brand name and logo for the merged entity.

Speaking on the Citi Breakfast Show on Thursday, Rosy Fynn said,

“I think this is actually great for the industry as we all know this industry is extremely penetrated at around 130%. What we want to be able to do is to have strong companies that are able to provide the product and services that our customers want and today it is difficult to do that if you are not profitable or on a strong bases,” she stated.

Madam Fynn added, “By merging, we all have a strong stance to be able to serve our customers better. Even our distributors and partners, they are now dealing with companies that have a bigger footprint. So I think overall it’s great for the industry”.

The NCA in October 2017 approved the merger between Tigo and Airtel.

It followed the completion of all necessary regulatory processes by the two companies.

Already, Tigo’s current MD, Roshi Motman has been named as the CEO for the merged entity.

Meanwhile the staff of the two companies are set to undergo some skills assessment for hiring or otherwise in the new entity.

According to the NCA, the merger will place the new entity at the number two spot as the second largest telecom company in Ghana.