Ashitey Adjei elevated to head larger Ecobank region

Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (ETI), the parent company of the Ecobank Group, has appointed Mr Samuel Ashitey Adjei, the current Managing Director (MD) of the Ghana Subsidiary, as the MD for the Group’s recently combined region of Central, Eastern, and Southern African (CESA) countries, consisting of 18 subsidiaries.

A release issued in ETI’s head office in Lome, Togo, said Mr Adjei would step down as MD of Ecobank Ghana on March 30, 2016.

Mr Adjei, credited with the bank’s outstanding performance in the last several years, assumed the position of Managing Director for Ecobank Ghana in 2006, and has since built the bank from eight to 78 branches, and to an enviable position of the leading bank in Ghana.

“Today, including the Ghana subsidiary, Sam Adjei runs the Group’s West African Monetary Zone member countries. A renowned banker in the Ghanaian banking industry, Sam has influenced policies and industry transformation, and is a well-respected banking professional across the market,” the statement said.

Career path

Mr Adjei, who started his banking career over 25 years ago, has spent the significant part of his career with Ecobank, having joined the bank in 1990 and held several business leadership positions until his appointment as managing director.

Prior to the MD role, he served as deputy managing director for a year, and after was an executive director, and head of corporate banking and treasury.

Some important comments Ecobank’s Group CEO, Mr Ade Ayeyemi, said “over the last several years, and more so in the last 10 years, as Managing Director, Sam has taken our Ghana subsidiary to unprecedented leadership heights, and has given us a franchise that is well positioned for continued and sustainable success,” and added that the last 10 years had seen the Ghana subsidiary grow exponentially.

“It has become the most successful and profitable subsidiary, both internally within the Ecobank Group, and externally in the Ghanaian banking industry. We are confident that Sam will exemplify this success in his new role as Regional Executive for our newly created CESA Region.”

Mr Adjei said: “I have spent the last 25 years of my life contributing to and helping to build this great institution of ours – Ecobank.

But the real credit goes to the many great men and women alongside whom I have worked in Ecobank Ghana, the West African Monetary Zone region and Ecobank overall.”

Mr Adjei paid glowing tribute to his team at Ecobank, the respective boards of directors, customers, as well as partners in the industry.

The Chairman of the Ecobank Ghana Board, Mr Terence Darko, said: “Sam is a modest and assiduous gentleman. It has been a pleasure to work and learn from him the business of banking. This is a well-earned promotion. On behalf of the Ecobank Ghana Board, its Management team and staff, I would like to thank Sam for his commitment and outstanding leadership over the last 10 years.”


Source: Graphic