Business Directory Helpline for Ghanaian SMEs launched

The GCEEI, a startup accelerator and business advisory firm which has operated in Ghana over the last 8 years, has rolled out a much-awaited business directory helpline to connect young entrepreneurs to the right resources.

The business directory helpline, which is part of a newly set up Enterprise Development Support Project (EDSP), will play a catalyst role in providing pathways that will help to improve business growth, competitiveness and sustainability of early and growth-stage startups across the country.

Currently, most young and aspiring entrepreneurs or startups have found to be a challenge, where to obtain help for needed services such as product development, go to market strategies and financial modelling, to keep their business in shape.

Equally, others have found it increasingly difficult to connect with suitable firms that can provide real support regarding mentorship, packaging, marketing, accounting, technology, training, audit and insurance among others.
According to the 2018 Venture Investments Report, the value of deal flows to African startups increased by over 300pcnt to US$725million from 2017. However, Ghana continues to lag behind in attracting capital to startups.

Research shows that most SMEs in Ghana lack the right governance, legal and market-related advice and as such are unable to mirror the kind of growth experienced by counterparts in other parts of the sub-region including Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

According to the CEO and Co-founder, John Armah, this new initiative by GCEEI will help tremendously in reducing failure rates of most Ghanaian startups.

He said: “Through our business directory helpline, we are seeking to scale support to Ghanaian Startups by empowering over 1,000 young entrepreneurs each year by helping them to improve the indices around Access to Skills, Market, Finance and Technology for small businesses. If we must develop as a continent, then we should build the next generation of businesses the right way”.

Through the Enterprise Development Initiative by GCEEI, this situation could be a thing of the past as aspiring or existing entrepreneurs will be empowered by being connected to the right resources.

They will also be able to access Digital opportunity maps and Sector opportunity training, where business opportunities have been mapped by sectors and regions to highlight the increasing economic opportunities across the country, with practical and relevant sector-specific training programmes provided.

Mr. Armah concluded by urging young entrepreneurs and startups to reach out to GCEEI through the Business Directory helpline on 0303 970 723 or via email to

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