Chinese investors from China’s Hebei Province to invest in Ghana

Ghana has been a good friend of China for the past 59 years and next year 2020 marks 60 years of Ghana-China bilateral relations and cooperation.

It is therefore worth noting that so far, the Ghana-China friendship has continuously yielded fruitful benefits for both countries.

Undoubtedly, this has further helped to deepen the ties that have existed between the two countries.

It is against this background that the Chinese Hebei Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce and Private Entrepreneurs and Ghana Entrepreneurs Business Exchange on Monday held a business and bilateral conference to explore opportunities of investment and also boost the development of Ghana.

Some of the sectors being targeted for such international investment in Ghana are Technology, Mining, Healthcare and Medicals, Manufacturing Industry, Electricity and power generation, Automobile, Auto Parts, Engineering Machinery, Real Estate, Agriculture, among several other areas.

The Chinese Hebei Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce is an association that is fully committed to promoting international economic exchanges and investment cooperation, to assisting the Hebei Provencial Government and its enterprises with investment promotion technology acquisition and products exporting and to introducing international enterprises to enter into the Market of Hebei Province.

Chinese Hebei Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce is composed of relevant enterprises and institutions, social and financial institutions, institutional investors, consultant agencies, investment management and research institutions as well as qualified experts and scholars etc. with the headquarters in ShiJiazhuang, Hebei Province with over 60 investment agent workstations overseas and more than 100 member Groups.

After its establishment, the association has been given a full role to play as a community-based organization to promote investment by integrating the resources of Hebei and of other provinces in China.

It is also providing an efficient and pragmatic platform, implementing the strategies put forward by the governments at all levels, assisting the governments to improve investment environment with an expanding external publicity, promoting diversified products providing effective services for international economic and technological cooperation, making positive contributions to the prosperity and development of Hebei’s economy through sharing resources and coordinate development.

It has the aim of Serving and Creating Value and core philosophy of Working hand in hand through resource sharing and investing.

The delegation of the Chinese Hebei Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce and Private Entrepreneurs was represented by Guo Cuidu, Deputy Minister of the United Front Work Department of the Provincial Party Committee, Party Secretary and Executive Vice Chairman of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce; Lu Qingguo, Vice President of the Provincial Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of Chenguang Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd.; Qi Chunfeng, Vice President of the Provincial Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of Tangshan Tianran Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.; Xuanwu Bing, President of the Provincial Private Economy Research Association, Chairman of Hebei Lixin Investment Co., Ltd. Li Kaiying, Executive President of the Provincial International Investment Promotion Association; Liang Boqiang, Provincial Youth Private Entrepreneurs Chamber of Commerce is proposed to be Secretary-General and Chairman of Botian Group (Hebei Botian Intelligent Equipment Group) and Zhang Yimin ,General Manager, Shijiazhuang Branch, Jiangtai Insurance Broker Co., Ltd.

The Ghanaian delegation on the other hand, had representatives including the Tema Mayor and Mayor of Ashaiman and other government representatives; Zhang Haitao, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tuhai International Trade (Ghana) Easy Manufacturing Co., Ltd.; Zhou Xiaoling.

It also included Chairman and General Manager of Greenhouse International Real Estate Development (Ghana) Group Qian Shihao, Ghana Fujian Chamber of Commerce, Executive Vice President and Deputy Secretary-General, Executive Vice President of China Mining Association of Ghana Sheng Bin, Chairman of Alila International Limited Real Estate Company Li Haibin, China Poly Group; Xin Haibo, Taiji Fasteners Group Niu Mingrui, China Construction; Sun Haijun, Ghana Ping An Hospital, Managing Director.