COVID-19: FDA cautions public against buying dexamethasone

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has cautioned the public against purchasing or stocking dexamethasone following news of the drug helping to reduce the number of deaths in COVID-19 patients on ventilators and oxygen in the United Kingdom.

The FDA in a statement said despite the results of the recovery trial in the UK, it must be noted that the drug only proved to be effective for preventing some deaths and does not treat COVID-19 in persons who are asymptomatic or mild to moderately ill.

Many different countries are experimenting with various treatment regimes for COVID-19.

The UK’s announcement of the finding from its use of dexamethasone has generated conversations in other countries with calls for its use in other places.

FDA said dexamethasone remains a prescription-only drug and under no circumstance should it be used as a preventive drug since it could lead to the suppression of the immune system and rather make people susceptible to falling ill from COVID-19.

“Dexamethasone should therefore not under any circumstances be used for the prevention of COVID-19 as its potential to suppress the immune system will counteract the body’s natural function to fight against COVID-19 and other infections in long term us,” the FDA said.

The FDA said its approved standard treatment for persons in severe or critical condition from COVID-19 remains in use.