ECL launches ‘smartCover’ for insurance industry

To harness the power of technology, Enterprise Computing Ltd. (ECL) has created a digital platform for the insurance industry, dubbed ‘smartCover’, to facilitate issuing policies and processing claims and payments.

The smartCover app is a sleek, user-friendly interface where agents can now onboard new customers, generate quotes, receive payments and issue certificates faster. With this app, every party involved gets real-time email and SMS notifications after each transaction.

The app also helps to track motor-sticker issuance in real-time, eliminating the dreaded sticker reconciliation that causes revenue losses.

SmartCover doesn’t stop there, it is understandable that insurance is not a one-size-fits-all. That’s why smartCover offers customization plans that can be tailored to clients’ needs. And if a client is not sure about anything, the friendly chatbot is just a chat away.

“So, is smartCover worth giving a shot? We say absolutely! It’s easy, convenient and takes the hassle out of getting insured. Plus, it is all about transparency so you know exactly what you are paying for. SmartCover is not just attending the party, it’s leading the dance! So why not give it a twirl? After all, who knew insurance could be this cool?

“As a company, imagine delivering a unique, personalized experience that puts your customers right in the centre of it all. It’s about transforming everyday operations into a seamless digital experience.

“This is not your typical insurance spiel filled with jargon and complex terms. Instead, we are talking about a game-changer in the industry – smartCover. In a world where everything is becoming more accessible and convenient, it’s about time insurance joined the party,” said Chief Technology Officer, Sybil Amoah Osafo.