Ethiopian Airlines starts Double Daily flights to Accra on Oct 29

Ethiopian Airlines will from October 29 operate double daily flights to Accra’s Kotoka International Airport.

This will bring the airline’s total offering to the Ghanaian market to 14 flights per week of scheduled passenger service.

The Addis Ababa-based airline’s flight schedule, approved by the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL), shows that the Accra market will be serviced with a combination of Boeing 737, 767, 787, 777 and Airbus 359 (A350-900) aircraft.

Ethiopian’s double daily flights will see it become one of the single largest foreign carriers servicing Accra, Ghana, when the airline adds three (3) more scheduled flights to its existing 11 weekly flights between Addis Ababa and Accra. Essentially, the airline will operate seven afternoon flights and seven evening/early morning flights.

The increase in flight frequency will also allow the airline to provide more travel options to passengers’ aboard sister airline ASKY Airlines, which seeks to connect flights in Accra to various destinations in the world.

“Thus far, we have witnessed that our customers are pleased and enjoying these additional connectivity options. We are now augmenting those with three (3) more flights to bring our total weekly flights to 14. Our Ghanaian travellers will enjoy double daily connections from Accra to our more than 135 global destinations – including Gatwick, which will be re-joining our network as of November 21, 2023. With the increase in frequency, Ethiopian Airlines once again reaffirms its commitment to serve Ghana,” said Mrs. Aniley Eshetu, Area Manager-Ethiopian Airlines, Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Why wait for another day when you can fly Ethiopian Airlines twice daily from Accra to more than 130 destinations around the world. With the increase in flights to 14x per week on Ethiopian Airlines, it means you don’t have to miss that meeting in London, Paris, Dubai, Delhi, Mumbai, New York, Shangai, Geneva, Nairobi, Johannesburg or Atlanta simply because you missed your flight. Ethiopian Airlines is always here to fly you in the morning or evening,” Mrs. Eshetu added.

For the adventurous, Ethiopian Airlines Double Daily flights mean you can now leave Accra in the evening, arrive at your destination in the morning, and spend more time exploring and making new friends. For first-time travellers, experience the convenience aboard our young and spacious fleet and enjoy the warm Ethiopian hospitality.

“Now is the time to see different parts of Africa, explore hidden gems in Asia and/or visit family and friends in Europe and the USA.”


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Ethiopian Airlines will from October 29 operate double daily flights to Accra’s Kotoka International Airport.