FBNBank introduces ‘Transfast Money’

FBNBank Ghana has scaled up its money transfer services with the introduction of TransFast Money, a global remittance service.

Managing Director of the bank, Gbenga Odeyemi said the addition “is to present customers with a range of options when sending remittances for business transactions and to their families back home.”

“According to the World Bank, one in seven people worldwide are migrant workers and we know that within the global percentage are many Ghanaians and Nigerians who need to remit money regularly to their family and friends back home and at FBNBank Ghana, we want to ensure that no matter where our customers and their relations are, they can send money” said Mr. Odeyemi.

“We also know that the Global remittance economy is a huge economy which is fast expanding and as a player in the global money economy, we want to play our part in its growth. With TransFast, FBNBank Ghana is proud to introduce a renowned brand to its customers and potential customers.” He added.

TransFast Money is the latest addition to other money transfer services offered by the bank such as Western Union, MoneyGram, Ria, Sigue and Integrity. With its headquarters in New York, TransFast provides multi-currency, cross-border payments for companies and individuals through a wholly owned direct-to-bank network in accordance with all international laws and safeguarding customers’ information.

“For any money transaction, safety, reliability and convenience are critical and FBNBank Ghana strives to give our customers that and more in a comfortable and friendly environment.” Mr. Gbenga Odeyemi said.

Aside FBNBank Branches in Ghana and some West African countries, TransFast can be accessed around the world in First Bank of Nigeria branches and agencies all over the globe, as well as from 200,000 pay points across 120 countries.