FDA To Sanction Spicy Foods Over Wrong Manufacturing Dates

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has served notice it will sanction Spicy Foods for processes that led to the distribution of products with error ridden manufacturing dates.

The caution follows the recall of hot spicy sausage, a product of the company, from the market.

Spicy Foods limited, producers of sausages and minced meat has blamed printing errors for the development.

Knowledge of the error is said to have caused panic among patrons.

The Head of Communications and Public Education at the FDA, James Lartey tells Citi Business News they will continually monitor the company’s operation.

“We have already had a meeting with management. This should not have happened in the manufacturing sector. Though there is no danger at stake, the fact that it has happened alone creates problems in the minds of consumers. So it is wrong to have such a product on the market. So definitely, they will be sanctioned; it’s a high possibility” he said.

Meanwhile management told Citi Business News the error has since been rectified.

Managing Director of Spicy Foods, Raymond Asare also says due diligence is being conducted on all products to ensure such a situation does not recur.

“We print our packs monthly. Unfortunately the printers made a mistake of mixing the packs. When we noticed it, we stopped it but about 100 pieces of sausages were already on the market so we called all our customers to return them. We recalled all of it. It was an error from the printers and also lack of diligence but that will not happen again for sure” he assured.