Fertilizer credit scheme for smallholder farmers launched

Agro Master, a fast-growing agribusiness firm has launched a fertilizer and input credit scheme to support smallscale farmers across the country.

The scheme, which has been rolled out in the Eastern Region after a successful pilot, is expected to contribute to the national quest to boost agriculture production in the country.

It aims to help smallholder farmers to overcome the critical challenge of farm finance that adversely affects production and incomes.

As part of the scheme, farmers who enroll are offered fertilizer and agrochemicals, to be paid later either before or after harvest, depending on the type of crop and repayment arrangement.

The Director of Agro Master, Mr. Edmund Mingle, explained that the scheme has been designed to provide effective access to farm inputs and flexible payment terms.

He said the scheme was introduced on the basis of research and pilot which showed that in spite of the government’s fertilizer subsidy programme, many small-scale farmers lacked the financial capacity to purchase the inputs on time and in the right quantity.

“To be able to harvest a good yield, fertilizer and other chemicals have to be applied on schedule, in the right quantity, and at the right place,” he said.

As a support system, he said his outfit also offers farm advisory services to the beneficiary farmers and collaborates with the Agric Extension offices to educate the farmers on best farming practices.

Mr. Mingle, speaking at the launch of the scheme, at Nsawam in the Eastern Region, said it will be extended to the Central Region in the next farming season.

He urged the farmers to take advantage of the scheme to expand their farm production to boost the rural economy and create more jobs for the youth.

The scheme is targeting to reach over 1,000 farmers this year. Each applicant is eligible for 10 bags of fertilizer (NPK) and 10 bottles of weedicide

Farmers who pay on the schedule will be granted more products. The scheme will by the end of the year be expanded to cover other products such as animal feed and farm equipment.