Frustrated With Bitcoin? The Time To Invest In Other Cryptocurrencies Is Now!

If you were an early investor in Bitcoin, you may remember that the now volatile cryptocurrency was once comparable to the honeymoon phase of a fun, new relationship. You watched your earnings increase on the daily, read constant pro-Bitcoin headlines, and felt smart for investing. However, it now feels like you’re in one of those unpredictable roller coaster relationships, where breaking up occurs every other week.

If you’re frustrated with Bitcoin and are itching to get in on the action elsewhere, investing in its competitors like Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, and more could be your next move. Before you throw your money somewhere, check out these courses on the fundamentals of today’s mostpopular cryptocurrencies — and find out what sets them apart from Bitcoin.

And for those just getting into the cryptocurrency game for the first time, these online classes are an excellent place to start.

Get a crash course in Litecoin
Relatively well-known in the crypto world, Litecoin is one of the largest blockchain networks behind Bitcoin. One main difference between the two is the number of maximum coins you can get. While Bitcoin’s network can’t exceed 21 million coins, Litecoin can go up to 84 million coins. In simpler terms, Litecoin might actually have a small “psychological advantage” over Bitcoin because prices are lower for a single unit. The Complete Short Litecoin Course can be your guide through the world of Litecoin, with three hours of video, multiple supplemental resources, and chart trading analysis.

Learn all about Ethereum
Ethereum is another large cryptocurrency, with the main difference being that Ethereum is not just a digital currency, but a blockchain based platform that also utilizes smart contracts. While Bitcoin and Litecoin use peer-to-peer payments, Ethereum’s currency is used for peer-to-peer contracts, increasing security and making fraud extremely difficult. If the lack of fraud has you drooling, The Complete Ethereum Course can help you get started. This best-selling course goes through how Ethereum’s blockchain base works, why being an early investor can be a smart move, and will actually take you through your first Ethereum transaction.

Discover what Ripple is all about
Making waves in the cryptocurrency race is Ripple, another strong Bitcoin competitor. Ripple may be the network most different from Bitcoin: While Bitcoin is on the decentralized end where the community makes the changes, Ripple is privately owned, with its parent company is the only one making decisions. Due to their private ownership, Ripple is also aimed more toward asset transferring and big banking, while Bitcoin is open to any and everyone to do what they want. If Ripple’s more rigid structure sounds like what you’re looking for, the Complete Short Course on Ripple can guide you through the investment process with 1.5 hours of video, multiple supplemental resources, and chart comparisons to competitors.

Get the skinny on Dash

Another blockchain network also in the race to beat Bitcoin is Dash. Short for “digital cash,” Dash is said to be the leading anonymity-centric digital currency. Unlike its competitors, Dash’s peer-to-peer payments are anonymous. This privacy makes transactions relatively instant and with cheaper transaction fees. If that anonymity feature sounds promising to you, The Complete Short Dash Altcoin Course can teach you the ins and outs of Dash’s blockchain network through three hours of video, multiple supplemental resources, and a technical trading chart.

Learn how some of the biggest cryptocurrencies compare

If you don’t want to put all of your coins in one basket and are still holding onto the dream that  cryptocurrency will make you a millionaire, don’t be hasty. Before you put money anywhere, at least compare your options first. The Cryptocurrency Bible dives into Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Steem, and more, with five hours of video to help give you an overall idea of how the blockchain technology works, as well as a multifaceted outlook on all of the largest cryptocurrency networks out there.