Fuel shortage crisis ends

The acute fuel shortage that hit the capital two weeks ago has ended.

Business world checks at various fuel stations in and around Osu, Adabraka, Labone and Kokomlemle has revealed the availability of both fuels.

The long queues, which are common with fuel shortages, were also non-existent.

Two weeks ago, there was a severe shortage of both petrol and diesel at several pump stations as attendants waved away patrons.

In June this year, the country was faced with the same problem after government failed to pay what it owed the Bulk Oil Distribution Companies (BDCs).

The BDCs are unable to secure bank loans because of government’s inability to clear its debts thus leading to the irregular supply.

Sources say government may use funds it secures from the International Monetary fund or the 1.5billion dollar Eurobond to offset the debt.

Meanwhile Ernst & Young’s audit of the exactly how much is owed the BDCs would soon be finalised.