GAPFA wants regulation of imported poultry products

The Greater Accra Poultry Farmers’ Association (GAPFA), has said the Planting for Food and Jobs Policy has positively impacted on the price of maize.

The Association’s Chairman, Mr. Seth Wilson told the Goldstreet Business that the policy has, since last year, impacted the price of maize, the main ingredient used in the production of poultry feed. However, the price of other ingredients including soya bean is yet to see any significant reduction.

“Last year, the price for 50kg of maize was GHc80, but it has since the beginning of this year been reduced to GHc60” he disclosed.

That, Mr Wilson said, will to some extent give respite to poultry farmers since maize contributes almost 50 percent of initial minimum cost, and this means once the cost of maize goes up, 50 percent of production costs automatically rises.

The GAPFA, also wants government to subsidies to local producers on the price of chemicals and drugs used in poultry production.

While the Association lauded government for positive results of its agricultural policy which are beginning to trickle in, it however said the continuous unregulated importation of poultry products into the country gives local producers unnecessary competition.

The Association recommended that importers of poultry products be licensed and directed as to the maximum number of tonnes of products to import annually to pave way for local producers to control the market.

“If we have ten companies importing and the required production is 5000 tonnes, they can be allowed to bring 1000 tonnes, while the rest 4000 is sourced from local producers through government’s directive”, the Association said.

Botswana, Ivory Coast and other countries on the continent have successfully regulated the amount of poultry products which can be imported into those countries.

Ivory Coast and Nigeria are some of the notable countries on the continent which does not depend on imported chicken for consumption.

Goldstreet Business