GCB Bank customers threaten to quit bank over poor customer service


Customers of the Asamankese branch of GCB Bank in the Eastern region have threatened they may be forced to stop doing business with the bank if management does not move in to address what they refer to as poor quality of services.

The customers some of whom have been speaking in an interview on their plight,complained among other things of the unnecessary delays as well as the inadequate tellers to attend to customers’ needs.

The customers also tell Citi Business News the situation has persisted for about two years now.

According to them, the development has not changed despite several complaints to the management of the bank.

News from a source in the bank shows that only two out of a total of six teller cases are operating as the branch is understaffed.

While one accepts deposits and withdrawals, the other is concerned with money transfers.

One customer could not help but express his frustration at the situation.

“I used the VISA ATM to withdraw cash from Barclays bank but then I did not get the money. I therefore came to complain to GCB Bank because they are my bankers.  They asked me to fill a form but the money did not come. I followed several times but I was told it was my own fault,” he decried.

Another customer however lamented how the management failed to help him retrieve an amount of money he lost to a faulty ATM.

“It is something appalling rendering a service. I’m here waiting hoping to have access to my money using the ATM but it is not working. Since I came here, nobody has come to assist me however the ATM is not working likewise when you go to the banking hall…the human resource is not enough,” he stated.

Meanwhile when contacted, the branch manager declined to comment on the matter on record but assured the customers that he will work to address the issue.