Ghana: Most hotels have poor online presence


A study conducted by GN Research has revealed that 81 percent of Accra’s hotels do not have a website and an active facebook account.

Out of a total of almost 500 hotels surveyed in the Greater Accra Region, only 93 hotels have functional websites, of which 51 hotels regularly update their websites.

The research found that 84 hotels have facebook accounts but more than 50% are less active or dormant.

In particular, out of a total of 284 hotels considered under the budget category, only 20 hotels have websites, of which more than half do not update their websites.

Correspondingly, only 20 hotels have facebook accounts, of which 11 are dormant.

Most guest houses and low-rated hotels also had poor online presence.

Out of a total of 54 guest houses, a little above 20% have websites and about 8 out of every 10 regularly update their websites.

Interestingly, about 28% have facebook accounts, however, over 50% are dormant.

Nevertheless, almost all three (3) to five (5) star hotels in Accra have functional and regularly updated websites as well as active facebook accounts“Online reputation is currently seen as a major driver for hotel performance in many advanced and emerging economies.

In particular, most travelers use online sources to search for hotels during their decision making process.

This gives travelers a clear picture of the hotel they wish to lodge rather than the usual recommendations from friends and work colleagues which later turn out to be a wrong choice.

The notable digital platforms patronised by travelers include hotel website, online travel agencies, social media, emails and mobile apps.

Thus, there is the need for hotels to consider the afore-mentioned platforms to influence their performance.

In summary, the times have changed, we live in a world where most people are computer literate whether it is for use in the workplace or simply recreation at home.

With the many internet search engines on offer it is probably easier to search on line in seconds than reach for the directory and flick through arduously to the relevant section or perhaps.

In short we believe to maintain a steady flow of business for any Hotel or Guest House a common website is now almost crucial,” the report noted.




Source: B&FT Online