GIPC strategizes towards 10 billion dollars FDI target for 2020

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), Yofi Grant, says his outfit is putting in place the necessary strategies, as they work towards achieving their Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) target of $10 Billion dollars for the year 2020.

“I seriously believe that the Ghana opportunity is almost limitless at this moment. I mean we have bauxite, oil and gas, iron ore, lithium, manganese, so we do have quite a significant amount of mineral resources which we haven’t exploited yet, and so for me that is not even the limit to it because we have the 1D, 1F which is a fantastic opportunity for investors both internally and externally” he said.

The target for this year remains unchanged from what was set for the year 2019.

Speaking to Citi Business News about the likelihood of achieving the $10 Billion dollar target for this year, Mr. Yofi Grant said even though they could miss the target, he is confident that several opportunities exist to bring about significant investments.

“We have our railways and others. So for us at GIPC, I still maintain that we should tag it 10 billion dollars for the year. We may not reach it, but there are other opportunities coming up. Some of these projects that we see unfortunately the gestation period is normally longer than a year so by the time you actually write into your books its gone beyond a year”.