GRA intensifies move to improve revenue collection

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has intensified its works to improve data gathering at the country’s borders.

The move is part of efforts aimed at blocking revenue leakages while it improves tax collection for development.

Speaking at the celebration of the International Customs Day, the Director General of the Ghana Revenue Authority, Mr. George Blankson stated that reliable data will substantially enhance revenue generation.

“We plan to make presentations to explain how data management systems have facilitated our revenue collection process in the classification and evaluation goods and also employment of risk management tools to enhance compliance as well as detection of customs fraud,” he said.

Mr. Blankson explained that the authority has poised to improve the country revenue collection through the process of quickly retrieving data for national assignment.

“Data analysis has the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusion and supporting decision making, for this reason the authority strives to acquire information management systems that will make retrieving and analyzing of data very easy,” he said.

“The recent development of the post clearance audit unit in the customs division has for instance resulted in the utilization of large pool of data for the conduct of follow up audit and controls that have significantly improved tax compliance and revenue mobilization,” he added