GRA to group taxpayer offices

GRA to group taxpayer offices

The Ghana Revenue Authority is currently establishing segmented operations offices across the country in an effort to boost its integration and modernization process.

Under the new plans, taxpayers will be grouped into large, medium and small categories. This will enable the Authority to better serve particular needs under the Domestic Tax Revenue, Customs and Support Services Divisions.

The need for improved customer care is one of the key factors underscoring the in the re-engineering of the nation’s revenue mobilization hub.

Speaking to reporters, Nii Ayi Aryeetey, Deputy Commissioner of Policy and Programs of the Authority said the idea is to attend to taxpayers with addressing their common needs on the basis of their size and complexity of their business.”

Under the new groupings, businesses with annual turnover exceeding Gh₵5million will be classified as large taxpayers; those with turnovers between Gh₵90,000 and Gh₵5million will be grouped as medium taxpayers and those below Gh₵90,000 will be categorized as small taxpayers.

The GRA hopes the small taxpayer office will rope in majority of informal sector businesses as well as help improve the management and accounting practices of the sector.

To further boost maximum tax compliance, the GRA is working to review and simplify tax laws including VAT Law, the Revenue Administration Act, the Income Tax Law, the Customs Law and the Excise Law.

The GRA hopes to complete the exercise of grouping tax payers by the end of the year.