Heavy rains to cause food shortage if … -Esoko

Ghana is likely to face shortage of some food stuff in the near future should the heavy rains continue.

According to crop analysts, the phenomenon is likely to create excess supply of some food crops such as vegetables and fruits.

This they say may go waste due to the lack of adequate storage facilities.

Meanwhile, the heavy rains is also considered unfavorable for the cultivation of other crops like tubers.

Content Manager at Esoko Ghana, Francis Danso Agyei said on Accra based citifm.

“If we compare the food prices last year to that of this year, a lot of the commodities are experiencing a decline, a surprising reduction in the prices. But if we bring in the weather, for now, a lot of the crops that are on the field have been submerged by water because a lot of the farms are flooded now,” he said.

He added that, “we are anticipating that if this current trend continues there is going to be some kind of difficulty during the harvest season where a lot of the crops will go bad and will, therefore, bring about some kind of shortage in the system.”

He further said the threat could be minimized if systems are enforced to improve food storage.





Source: citibusinessnews