Hotel rates in Africa are expensive, scare tourists away

Travelling accross Africa  continues to be an incentive for people outside the continent.

Africa has many historical and tourist attraction sites, making it a must visit place globally.

Even for Africans traveling to other African countries is an encouraging idea, just to know the continent better.

But what drives many tourists crazy both local and foreign is accommodation rates in Africa.

Many hotels charge over $100 for a night in hotels not even up to a two star level.

It is just very expensive for ordinary travelers to secure a place at a hotel during their visits.

Looking for a hotel accommodation in the cities could drain tourists a lot of money with some five star hotels charging in the range of $1,400 a night in some countries.

Resorting to alternative means of lodging has become crucial for visitors who often run out of many options such as camping.

It is not cheap either to camp with rates ranging between $10-$30 per person per night to in parts of Africa.

Promise and fail

For many visitors to the continent it is not just the cost of the accommodation that is a problem but the state in which many of them are.

Some hotels promise fast WiFi service but they hardly can assist you send a mail.

Lavatories in some hotels are just in bad state and you are not guaranteed uninterrupted access to water and electricity.

It is obvious that it is becoming expensive for many to travel across Africa and spend their time in hotels or guest houses.

The current situation frustrates many Africans though but not many African governments are able to deal with accommodation crisis in their countries.

There are very little policies in place to make it affordable for even locals to secure decent and cheap accommodation.

The number of visitors to Africa could increase if accommodation challenges get fixed.

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