Inferior imports driving local manufacturers into extinction- Wilmar Africa

General Manager for Wilmar Africa Limited, Kwame Wiafe, has called for government intervention to avert an imminent collapse of some local manufacturers due to infiltration of inferior imported products.

He called on government to enforce measures to address concerns as many local food manufacturing companies are facing serious competition from the import of cheap products.

“We need protection from state institutions mandated to check the infiltration of these fake products.  They are doing their best, but they must do more to bring an absolute end to this trend” he lamented.

According to him, Wilmar Africa, for instance, has invested over $300 million in the manufacturing business, pay in excess of over GH₵200 million by way of taxes, as well as created employment for thousands of Ghanaians.

He pointed out that the private sector drives the economy, and was of the view that “we are going nowhere as a country if government fails to protect local manufacturers such as Wilmar Africa and the likes”.

Mr Wiafe also said Ghanaian markets are expected to be flooded with a lot of imported products, with a few weeks ahead to the start Christmas festivities.

He said many importers take advantage of the Christmas season to bring into the country questionable goods that do not comply with the regulations of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

While admitting that the companies are mostly responsible with issues surrounding expired goods, he urged the general public to play its part by doing personal checks on the product to use.

He asked the public to desist from buying rusty and bloated food because they could be expired, fake and unwholesome.

Mr Wiafe was talking speaking to The Finder on the sidelines of at a promo launch yesterday to reward Wholesalers.
The Promo dubbed ‘Aky3de3 sronko” is to reward and deepen the relation Wilmar Africa has with its wholesalers for the next six months.

He noted that the wholesalers contribute about 70% of Wilmar Africa business chain, however, due to pricing issues they do not get full reward for their efforts.

The essence of the promo, he therefore, explained, is to guarantee them fix income so that they can get beyond their normal profits after purchasing certain thresholds of goods from Wilmar Africa Limited.

“It is an extra value the company is giving to wholesalers on consistent bases through a voucher. A voucher that they can redeem whatever is of use’ he further explained.

The wholesaler is expected to buy goods worth minimum of GH₵100,000 consistently within the six months period of the promo and automatically win a voucher ranging between GH₵175 and GH₵1000.

As part of the promo, wholesalers who are consistent in their purchases of products from Wilmar Africa stand chances of winning fully funded vacation to Malaysia after the end of the programme.

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