Internet Solutions Introduces `Cloud’ To The Ghanaian Market

Internet Solutions Introduces `Cloud’ To The Ghanaian Market

Internet Solutions (IS), a leading South African converged communications services provider.

with presence in Ghana held a “Cloud Breakfast Seminar” for Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Information Technology (IT) mangers from selected corporate organizations in Accra.  The seminar sought to introduce IS’ Cloud computing service to the Ghanaian IT market.

Cloud Computing which has gained sustained interest in many developed and developing markets works on delivering computing, software, data access, and storage services without  requiring  end-user knowledge of the physical location and configuration of the system that delivers the services.
Whilst cloud computing service is still relatively new in Africa, Steve Herridge CEO of Internet Solutions West Africa believes there is a strong potential for growth in the West African market with the lighting- up of several Fiber cables such as Main One and GLO One submarine cable as well as others yet to be launched. Herridge adds that with the infrastructure bottlenecks being removed there will be easy distribution of bandwidth which is needed for cloud computing.

Internet Solutions executives told CIOs and IT managers at the forum that the key advantage of the service is to lower the cost of IT and thus the service is applicable to  small, medium and large companies. Herridge aptly said “the consumer and the corporate are merging and thus cloud computing is becoming so important”

The speakers further emphasized that the  IS cloud service  offers the full spectrum of clouding computing including collocation space, managed virtual servers and firewalls, and vaulted environments. However Herridgeadded that “as with any technology, companies need to look at all the features to ensure they maximise the benefits they derive from changing the way in which they operate.”

Yvette AdounvoAtekpe Regional Managing Director of Internet Solutions Ghana stated that the Cloud Breakfast Seminar is the second in a series of ICT product and service seminars slated for the Ghanaian market; to further reinforce the IS Brand as a thought leader in the industry.