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The dilemma of most entrepreneurs to invest in marketing impedes and negates successful sales programmes, Brand and Marketing Expert Elorm K. Foli has said.

Mr. Foli, CEO-EK Brand Consult – a branding, marketing and sales entity – believes business people and entrepreneurs need to prioritise marketing and sales budgets through deliberate investments to recoup investments made during production.

“At EK Brand Consult, we develop models that work. The idea is that we partner businesses with good products and take care of the branding, marketing and sales at no cost; but as the sales happen, we take our commission percentage,” he said. “It is always ideal for companies to outsource sales and marketing programmes to professionals with the art and craft of sales and marketing.”

Mastering sales skills, according to Mr. Foli, is best done by professionals with the right expertise to impact enterprises’ fortunes positively; be they startups or proven entities.

Mr. Foli explained that professional sales strategy constitutes prospecting – even before a product is developed, considering the chances of the product being sold, the market and the price point.

“These are the factors that drive sales. Unfortunately, however, Ghanaian entrepreneurs want to handle everything in the chain from production to sales, and this doesn’t work,” he emphasised.

EK Brand Consult is currently developing a win-win model for effective sales. The company operates the branding, marketing and sales needs of enterprises at no cost, but takes a percentage of income as it generates revenue for the client.

“Leave the branding, marketing and sales needs to us and focus on the core production business. Just do the production; when it gets to the point of selling, we will make the sales for you.”

EK Brand Consult believes the future of sales in Ghana is exciting, as the company has taken the onus to train entrepreneurs in understanding the sales process.

Training Female Entrepreneurs through the Empowaher Programme

The EmpowaHer Programme, a flagship initiative of EK Brand Consult, aims to educate and empower 1,000 female entrepreneurs nationwide; giving them 12 months of access to the critical branding, marketing and business development resources essential for their business success.

The EmpowaHer initiative was piloted two months ago in a maiden sales phase for over 116 female entrepreneurs aged 16-57. Most participants reported an overwhelming increase in confidence, influencing better sales outcomes.

Phase 2 of the EmpowaHer Programme offers a comprehensive package; including website development, logo designs, professional photography, and a video business pitch for investors.

As the name connotes, EmpowaHer seeks to empower female entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge to become successful business leaders and enable them to continue contributing to the nation’s economic development, while creating a support community that encourages collaboration and knowledge-sharing among female businesses in Ghana.

EK Brand Consult is open to partnering with organisations having a similar passion to support female entrepreneurs.



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The dilemma of most entrepreneurs to invest in marketing impedes and negates successful sales programmes, Brand and Marketing Expert Elorm K. Foli has said