‘Make Statutory Payments Digital’

Head of Vodafone Cash Ghana, Martison Obeng-Agyei, has called for the digitization of statutory payments to block leakages to boost revenue in the country.

Mr Obeng-Agyei indicated that the use of digital platforms like Vodafone Cash to make statutory payments would help reduce revenue loss to the State and help policy-makers measure the real size of the country’s economy.

“As it stands now, I still do not understand why market tolls today are paid in physical cash. You and I know the slippages we experience every year when the Auditor-General’s Report is made public. Monies that have been collected cannot be traced or accounted for,” he explained.

He further noted that digitizing payment provides real-time information that is measurable, and this makes the system more reliable and prevents corrupt practices.

“For example, if the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) is collecting electronic money, there is no way those figures can be changed, because everybody at a certain tier of power can see the graphical user interface and be able to monitor what goes into the system; so the AMA boss can actually sit in his office and monitor how much is coming in,” he noted.

“This makes it visible, transparent and less corrupt,” said Mr Obeng-Agyei.
During an interactive session with the media to mark the Vodafone Cash Month, Mr Obeng-Agyei advised government to transact its statutory business through mobile money service, adding that all business transactions should be carried out through electronic cash.

He said the month of June has been set aside by Vodafone Ghana to reward loyal and dedicated customers with 30 percent discount on goods purchased with Vodafone Cash in selected shops, among others.

Vodafone has about 2,700 agents with over 4 million registered customers.

“And it’s a good time to reward them so we give them fridges, radio sets, bicycles and money,” said Mr. Agyei.
Agents of Vodafone also undergo training and collaborate with the police to deal with theft cases during the Vodafone Cash Month.

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