MTN Offers Security Solutions To Protect Consumers

In a bid to ensure that Ghana is not left behind in the agenda of a connected world, MTN Ghana has introduced MTN Security Solutions – an ensemble of security devices in a one-stop-shop that is enabled with real-time viewing of videos or images.

This solution ensures protection of homes, offices and other possessions remotely, with the use of a high bandwidth and fast reliable Internet connectivity known as the MTN Fibre broadband.

MTN Security Solutions comprise home alarms, indoor detectors, motion and window detectors, indoor sirens, smoke detectors, gas leakage detectors, among others – with state-of-the-art functionalities that allow users to have live-streaming, real-time alerts, and remote access to view their object of interest wherever they are.

“MTN has been pushing its goal and vision of leading Ghana into a bold digital world, and as a leading player in the Telecoms Industry in Ghana the ultimate goal is to ensure that Ghana is not left behind in the agenda of a connected world.

20th-MTN Business World Executive Breakfast Meeting

“As the digital world extends to our homes and businesses, protecting our valuable possessions has become paramount,” a statement copied to the B&FT stated.

According to the statement, Fibre broadband has instigated the growth of many products and services and gradually become a blood-line of the Internet of Things (IOT), with cloud storage for instance becoming a preferred form of storage for businesses and individuals.

“Fibre broadband makes this transmission and retrieval of data very easy and quick, because of its high bandwidth and speed. Security cameras can take advantage of this feature and store the recordings in the cloud in real-time. This can help expand the storage capabilities of security cameras, especially, for as long as is needed – offering homes and offices the protections that is required for as long as necessary.

“Having MTN Fibre broadband will therefore ensure that the videos can be easily streamed and security devices can communicate remotely without worrying about reliability, quality or connectivity issues,” the release further said.