NCA warns Mobile Subscribers: Complete SIM registration by March 10 or face deactivation

The National Communications Authority (NCA) has issued a stern reminder to all mobile phone subscribers who have not completed the second stage of their SIM registration to do so immediately or risk being disconnected from their network(s) after the 10th of March, 2023.

The NCA had earlier implemented a policy directive from the Ministry of Communications and Digitization, which mandated that all subscribers who had not completed their registration as of 30th November, 2022 should be disconnected. However, the NCA has observed that despite the directive being enforced, there are still some subscribers who have completed the first stage of the registration process but have not completed the second stage.

The importance of the SIM registration exercise cannot be overstated, as it is aimed at building a SIM database with integrity that will assist in curbing fraudulent activities in the country. The NCA continues to urge all subscribers to complete their SIM registrations with their Ghana Cards to avoid deactivation.

The NCA’s directive requires subscribers who have done Stage One (1) to complete their SIM registration (Stage 2) by Friday, 10th March, 2023, failing which their SIMs will be deactivated from their network(s). Subscribers who begin the registration process (Stage 1) and do not complete their registration within a period of two (2) weeks will also have their SIMs deactivated from their network(s).

The NCA’s decision to enforce the SIM registration exercise has been met with mixed reactions from the public. While some have praised the initiative, others have criticized it, citing the difficulties they face in completing the registration process. However, the NCA has assured the public that it is working tirelessly to ensure that the registration process is seamless and hassle-free.

It is worth noting that the NCA’s efforts to build a SIM database with integrity will have far-reaching implications for the country’s economy and financial sector. With an increasing number of Ghanaians using mobile phones for financial transactions, having an accurate SIM database will help to reduce instances of fraud, money laundering and other financial crimes that could potentially undermine the stability of the financial sector.

The NCA’s reminder to all subscribers to complete their SIM registration process is a timely and necessary intervention. The importance of having a SIM database with integrity cannot be overemphasized, especially in a country like Ghana, where mobile phone penetration is high and mobile money transactions are becoming increasingly popular. The NCA must be commended for taking this bold step towards building a more secure and stable financial sector in Ghana.

It is important to note that subscribers who have challenges completing Stage 2 of their registrations should contact the NCA on 0800 110 622 or via or their respective Network Operators for assistance. This is in line with the policy directive of the Ministry of Communications and Digitization, which is aimed at ensuring that all subscribers are able to complete their registration with ease.