Orcas Global to support women in agriculture

As Ertharin Cousin explains, women are involved in every stage of the food system from producers to consumers, but they often have less access to information, training and tools that could improve their contributions to agriculture. It is for this reason that Mr Bede Anyonka, a young and vibrant entrepreneur, established Orcas Global.

Founded in 2017, Orcas Global is an innovative business organisation established to provide opportunities, products and services to farmers and contribute to sustainable livelihood through agricultural practices in Ghana.

The company is involved in Input credit services, Agric fund and farm insurance, Advanced mechanisation, Good and modern agronomic practices and Training and extension services. According to the CEO Mr Bede Anyonka, the company prides itself as one of the few agricultural companies in Ghana with exuberant young entrepreneurs under thirty-five years.

As a start-up company, Orcas Global has assisted over 500 satisfied women across the Northern and Savannah regions, in corporation with Sinapi Aba through their UCAM project. For the past three years, the company has been reliable and consistent in its values and promises of catering for the needs of their clients. In terms of output, Orcas global has been able to support farmers to cultivate 1,500 acres of land and produced over 30,000 bags of farm products.

With a workforce of young and energetic entrepreneurs, the company is engaged in commercial cultivation owning about 5,000 acres of land in the North Gonja District. In 2019, the organisation personally cultivated 200 acres of land on the company farm.

Concerning social responsibility, Orcas Global has registered all their clientele on the National Health Insurance Scheme. Moving forward, the company hopes to assist brilliant but needy students fund their education through the educational scheme and provide communities with potable drinking water.