Our Layoffs Not Triggered By Global Oil Prices – Tullow

Oil giant Tullow has refuted reports that its recent layoff was as a result of the performance of oil prices on the global market.

The company said it laid off less than 10% of the workforce.

Starr Business in August broke the news of the layoff following agitation from the affected workers. The firm subsequently put the lay-off on hold initially following an intervention from the Petroleum Commission.

Managing Director of Tullow oil Kweku Awotwi explained that the company has been involved in two big construction projects which have ended, hence the workers won’t be needed.

“We just don’t need as many people building things as much. And for what it’s worth I think the focus was more on cost than people, so actually, proportionally, we don’t need as many experts in the country as we do now”, he said.

He added:  “now we are looking long term focus. How can we do things more efficiently? How can we do them better? And that’s really the frame in which Tullow Ghana is looking at in the recent reconstructing we’ve done and that’s how we want to continue”.

He also revealed Tullow will explain the rationale behind the firms’ decision to drill eight new wells next year.