Rainstorm and whirlwind destroys HGL rice mill in Adaklu

A rainstorm and whirlwind have caused extensive damage to the mill and factory of HGL Limited, one of Ghana’s fastest growing rice producers based in the Adaklu district of the Volta Region.

The storm hit the mill on Saturday, February 25, 2023 at about 5pm. It caused severe damage to the structure housing the mill, ripped off its roofs and destroyed some of the machinery of the company that produces the Gogo rice brand and toppled a combined harvester.

General Manager of HGL, Cyril Klutsey, says he was shocked by the extent of damage because the four-year structure had been built to exacting international standards.

“When the storm hit, we thought it was one of those regular storms this factory had been able to withstand in the years gone by. We’ve been through many of those,” he said.

“But by the time it was over, we came here to see the devastation caused and we were all shocked. Much as we are saddened by the destruction of the mill, we are grateful that none of our team members was hurt in this incident.”

HGL has been in operation since 2020, cultivating its own crops and sourcing rice from farmers and co-operatives in the Volta Region for milling in its ultra-modern factory. Mr. Klutsey says the company will need to take urgent steps to repair the damage so the company can continue production.

“This is going to cost a lot of money to fix. But we need to ensure the mill is repaired within the shortest possible time so that we can produce our well-loved Gogo jasmine rice to our loyal clientele and to also make sure that those whose livelihoods depend on this mill do not suffer unduly.”