Reduce fuel prices- Minority to NPA

Despite an announcement from the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) on Monday that it will not reduce fuel prices despite crude oil hitting a four year low on the international market, Minority in Parliament is pushing for a reduction.

According to the Deputy Minority leader, Dominic Nitiwul, the drop in crude oil prices should mean fuel must be sold at GHc7.00 a gallon.

He opined that the prices must be reduced to reflect the realities on the ground.

Even though the Authority reduced fuel prices by 2 per cent in October this year, it has refused to reduce it any further; stating it was taking advantage of the drop to save money in order to pay the debt it owed the Bulk Oil Distribution Companies (BDCs).

This excuse, the minority leader said, was “very poor”

PETROL-PUMPHe explained that Ghanaians are burdened with economic hardships and since the price of fuel affects everything, it is imperative that the NPA considers a downward review.

Mr. Nitiwul has served notice to the NPA and the government that he is personally “launching a campaign to make sure they reduce the prices.”

Meanwhile, the African Center for Energy Policy ACEP has backed the call from the Deputy Minority Leader; calling the move “insensitive to the needs of Ghanaians”.