Ride Hailing Apps: Smart Drivers’ Union want service charge pegged at 15%

Smart Drivers’ Union, a group of drivers who use the existing Ride Hailing Apps in Ghana is appealing for a reduction in the service charge levied by their respective operators.

The drivers say the 20 to 25% charge on each ride, leaves them with minimal profit.

They are thus seeking a 15% flat rate from their operators.

According to the drivers who are hooked onto these ride hailing apps, particularly Uber and Bolt, paying 25% on every trip leaves them with very little profit, considering the cost of fuel and maintenance among others.

The drivers say, although their business witnessed a decline during the partial lock-down due to the coronavirus pandemic, they still continued to pay the same service fees.

They fear the continuous pegging of the service charges at 25% for Uber and 20% for Bolt, will take a toll on them.

They are of the view that, should the service charges be reduced to a flat rate of 15 percent, they will be better off.

“Bolt is charging 20%, Uber 25%, why must it be like that? We just want them to charge a flat rate of 15% or even 10% because at the end of the day, we buy our own fuel, pay taxes among others including comprehensive insurance” he explained.

This is not the first time these app drivers are calling for a reduction in service charges.

In September 2019, some of them embarked on a demonstration to drum home their demand for reasonable fees by the operators.

The Smart Drivers’ Union, which reiterated the call for a reduction in the service charge, spoke to Citi Business News when they handed over seven cars to some members.