Said Masri

Said Masri is the current Chief Executive officer for COMPUGHANA Limited.

The Ghanaian business mogul is a product from the Lebanese-American University.


Mr. Masri is among the serving leaders in field of Information Technology (IT) with a higher vision to resolve or render innovative solutions to operational sales, finance, operations and HR, to minimize risk and maximize performance.

His visionary leadership has made him successful in his business endeavors with COMPU-GHANA being one of the many success stories.



His hard work counts the lead opening of about 16 branches across the country, and has employed over 400 Ghanaians and has supported more than 500,000 clients.

Mr. Masri was honored the 5th best CEO of the year in the Retail sector Award, at the Ghana’s CEO Summit 2021, Accra.

In Addition to this, the brand has been recognize as the best Brand presence in the super-brands Awards for excellence in branding 2012,Gold Award under the Auspices Manhyia Palace for outstanding contribution to the Economic Development of Ashanti, best retail company and Ghana’s best 50 for outstanding delivery of customer service of the year 2019 at the 8th Ghana Customer Service Award, and best partner award from Samsung 2018.