Societe Generale introduces Gold Visa Card

Societe Generale Ghana, one of the leading banks in the country, has introduced its Visa Gold Card which enables customers to access free medical care.

The Visa Gold Card, worth up to €30,000, also covers all trips made within and outside Ghana when the customer pays for the trip with the card.

Speaking at a press conference in Accra, the Managing Director of Societe General Ghana, Mr Gilbert Hie, noted that the service was in line with the bank’s retail strategy to focus on the market and to develop products that satisfy the customer’s need.

He said the Visa Gold Card was a simple and efficient product which was already well known and appreciated in Ghana.

According to Mr Hie, the product offered a lot of convenience in terms of cash withdrawal, paying for goods and services at merchants who have Point of Sale Terminals.

He stated that “it is also a gateway to e-commerce with a capacity to make secure payment on the web and to the world because Visa Gold cards are accepted globally.”

The Deputy Managing Director, Mr François Marchal, said the bank’s retail strategy was to offer a diverse mix of high quality retail products and services which were internationally competitive.

“A few banks in Ghana offer travel insurance with medical assistance but none offers medical assistance for trips taken inside and outside Ghana,” he said.

Mr Marchai noted that should a customer fall ill or have an accident while travelling, the cover of up to €30,000 would take care of the cost of all the medical expenses, including surgical operations, medical fees, transport costs, nursing fees and pharmaceutical products prescribed.

“Every customer is covered for up to 90 days, if they are travelling over a distance of 100 kilometres from the customer’s place of residence,” he added.

According to Mr Marchai, Societe General Ghana has, over the past years, been playing a vital role in the economy, and that “with more than 148,000 employees based in 76 countries, we accompany 32 million clients across the world on daily basis.”

Credit: Graphic