This Ghanaian ‘Organic’ Food Bar Is The Crux For Entrepreneurs And Health Enthusiasts

N8tive Bar, is of course one of Ghana’s healthiest bars, serving both entrepreneurs and health enthusiasts.

On a hot Friday afternoon, we (myself and my colleague) decided to ditch our usual roadside launch for an organic restaurant.

We wanted something different and healthy: we wanted somewhere cozy yet serene.

A “hide out” from Accra’s hot and noisy environment.

We were simply tired of our food routine; beans and fried plantain, waakye and kenkey etc.

So on this hot Friday afternoon we veered towards a new direction in our routine around 12: 30 pm and after missing the route several times even when we used Google Maps, we finally landed at N8tive bar restaurant at Airport Residential area in Accra.

We were drawn immediately by the eco-friendly environment- green grass in front of the bar, flower pot with nicely trimmed flowers, a touch of wooden architectural design fitted on the sides of the front view, and a giant dust bin made entirely from discarded plastic bottles sitting in front of the bar.

Dustbins made entirely from discarded plastic bottles is one innovative way Ghanaian environmental artists are using to rid our environment of filth.

So far, there are only two artists known to produce these bins and I wouldn’t be surprised if N8tive Bar got the bin from one of them- Mckingtorch creations and Rufai Zakari.

When we entered the bar, the Africaness of the interior didn’t surprise us much as the exterior gave as snippets of what the inside would look like.

We entered as the only customers present and as we made our way to the wooden seats, the atmosphere bursted with coziness and serenity- a stark contrast to where we came from.

We waited for about 4 minutes before we were attended to but that wasn’t a problem because it afforded us the opportunity to really admire the interior, as a blend of rich artworks works displayed all over made it almost  impossible to ignore a second or perhaps a third stare.

I counted about 18 colourful artworks fitted on the walls which culminated into a flawless blend with the wooden furniture.

The glass entrance gives customers a clear view of happenings outside the bar.

Food time! Customer service!

Soon a free-spirited young woman with a broad smile came to take our orders and when my colleague was sceptical about the mixes for his smoothies, she suggested a pretty flavourful combo- Blueberry, watermelon and cucumber.

I opted for pineapple juice with a dash of ginger- trust me that’s the best pineapple juice I have tasted so far- it had the perfect mix of pineapple and ginger in there.

About 4 minutes later, our main meals arrived in an orderly fashion- steaming hot and nicely garnished.

Mine, almighty Ghana jollof, grilled chicken, steamed sweet vegetables and some green pepper and gravy on the side.

My colleague went for chicken wings with sweet pepper sauce. For the next 30 minutes, we would savour and sink our teeth deep into the juicy meal, backed by a soothing background music while enjoying outside view of people passing by.

Photo credit- Instagram/N8tive Bar

Customer service

“Oh I’m so sorry, we don’t have orange juice, please forgive me okay,” the attendant who seems to be the manager said rather respectfully and remorsefully to a customer at the other end of the phone.

“Hello you are welcome! It’s been a while and we have missed you so much,” she also greeted a strongly built pregnant customer probably in her early thirties with a warm smile.

Customer service at Native bar was amazing! It will make you want come back again and again.

When my colleague complained about difficulties in locating the place because of the absence of a signpost, she (attendant cum manager) retorted almost immediately that she had already paid for a big sign post and that we would see it on our next visit.

She accepted mobile money for the bill which made payment easier as we were cashless at the time of visit.

This mode of payment, Mobile Money (MoMo) is very critical to any young business with a strong passion for growth.

Our tasty meals, smoothie and pineapple juice


The Jollof was tasty and low on spices and has “removed one one” (the grain is separated from each other/non sticky). The grilled chicken is just perfect with the rice and the steamed vegetables brings the meal to a perfect finish.

The chicken wings in sweet pepper sauce was relishing , according to my colleague. However, a fully soaked chicken wings in the sweet pepper sauce would have been a plus.

Their prices are moderate and we paid GH ₵58 in all (all two meals plus smoothies and pineapple juice)

On a whole, the food was great but the juice and smoothie carried the day.

N8tive bar and entrepreneurs.

The healthy bar prides itself as the first of its kind in the country to provide a conducive environment for young entrepreneurs or start-ups to meet up.

The restaurant serves healthy and all natural aromatic teas, salads, fruits juices, smoothies, sandwiches and local dishes.

It also has dedicated a space for poetry, events and young entrepreneurs to connect and exchange ideas.

The bar as an ideal place for a perfect and healthy date out, for business meet ups, baby or bridal showers and an escape away from Accra’s noisy environment.

By Pamela Ofori-Boateng/ Business World Ghana©