Trading volume in equities soars by 1,903% in January 2024

In January 2024, the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) witnessed a promising start to the year, signaling a notable uptick in investor confidence within the market.

The month culminated with encouraging returns across the board, with the GSE Composite and Financial Stock Indices posting gains of 1.35% and 0.45%, respectively, in the equities sector.

Trading activity soared, with a remarkable 1,903.98% surge in trading volume and a substantial 423.61% increase in traded value compared to the same period last year, totaling 31.06 million shares valued at GHS 34.93 million.

This resurgence in market activity translated into a notable uptick in transactional volume, with a 77.82% increase recorded compared to the preceding year, totaling 2,221 transactions.

Among the standout performers for the month were GGBL, UNIL, GLD, ACCESS, and TOTAL, which posted gains of 30.59%, 9.74%, 9.70%, 8.82%, and 5.56%, respectively.

The buoyant start to the year underscores a growing appetite for equities within the Ghanaian market, propelled by renewed investor optimism and robust trading dynamics.

Norvan Reports