UT Life Rebrands To MiLife Insurance

UT Life Insurance has rebranded to miLife Insurance, as part of the company’s drive to position itself as a leader in the life insurance market.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of miLife Insurance, Kwaku Yeboah-Asuamah, the rebranding reflects both the company’s evolution and its vision for the future.

He said the singular focus of the new brand is on putting the customer at the heart of the business by making purchasing and owning insurance simple, affordable and more accessible.

“While we have always focused on serving our customers well, and have a reputation for customer-centricity as well as leading the insurance industry on speed in paying out claims, this re-launch of UT Life Insurance to miLife Insurance signals to customers that we have embarked upon an even deeper commitment to help enrich lives and support dreams by making access to insurance easier, affordable and more accessible.

“This strategic rebranding reaches the bedrock of our business and has provided a north star for process improvement, product refinement and a better customer experience,” Mr. Yeboah-Asuamah indicated.
The new corporate image comes with a new slogan; live more, as a well as a renewed focus on quality customer service, he further added.

“The team is focused on opening up accessibility to life insurance – by taking the complexity out of purchasing and owning insurance for all Ghanaians, opening the door to a more certain future, and giving customers the confidence to pursue their dreams and live more,” said Laura Kemp-Pedersen, Chief Marking Officer of LeapFrog Investments – miLife’s lead investor.

miLife is currently capitalised at GH₵56.8million, making it one of the most capitalised life insurance companies in the country at three times above the current GH₵15minimum capital requirement for insurance companies.

Seth Eshun, Head of Supervision at the National Insurance Commission, speaking at the event on behalf of the Commissioner of Insurance urged the company to put good customer service at the forefront of its operations.

He said a change in corporate name alone is not enough, it must also bring about a positive change in product-design and customer service delivery. “This rebranding is a very laudable exercise, but it should not end here with all the glamour. This should translate into the business and services that it provides to the customer.”