“We need a revolution in this country, and unless we can do that, what is happening will keep on happening and we won’t have any future because we have reached a point in our country where people try to lie to make profit. I saw a fleet of V8s tooting their horns, at top speed. About four of them were empty. I looked at them and I could see my wealth being drained by people who you and I are more intelligent than.”

Nana Kobina Nketsia V, Omanhene of Essikado Traditional Area in a lecture in which he characterized politicians in Ghana as “vampires” who are “feeding fat” on the country.

“We can only ask him to have a change of heart and refuse to sign it because it is bad for the country and goes against the constitution”

Mr. Raila Odinga, Former Kenyan Prime Minister, reacting to a new controversial bill against journalists that President Uhuru Kenyatta has indicated he would sign into law. Kenyan MPs voted to set up a new Communications and Multimedia Appeals Tribunal with the powers to impose penalties of up to $234,000 on offenders and even bar journalists from working.



“We will be there for Saudi Arabia, for the Emirates, for Qataris, for the Jordanians, for the Egyptians and others. We will not allow those countries to be attacked from outside. We will stand with them.”

Mr. John Kerry, United States Secretary of State in an effort to repair ties with America’s longstanding ally, Saudi Arabia and other friendly Arab countries, which have frayed over the Syrian conflict and US outreach to Iran.


“Europeans are very keen on data protection, maybe because of their history. The trust in what is done with your personal data is not very high, and that might be the reason why data protection as a must, as an obligation, is inscribed in our fundamental laws, in our treaties, in our charter of fundamental rights. So for Europeans it is a basic value and a fundamental right.”

Viviane Reding, the European Union’s justice commissioner, in a fierce backlash demanding explanations from the US Attorney General Eric Holder on widely reported US spying on European allies.