Vodafone to Offer 4G Service Early 2019


Telecoms operator, Vodafone Ghana says it is set to commence an active technical process in the coming weeks to align its infrastructure to deliver 4G to its customer base early next year.

This follows an agreement reached with the National Communications Authority (NCA) for the purchase of one slot of the 2x5MHz frequency spectrum in the 800MHz band for mobile services.

The slot, purchased at the cost of $30million, was awarded to Vodafone following successful financial negotiations with the NCA in line with the Authority’s published programme for the bid process.

The Chief Executive Officer, Yolanda Cuba in a statement said, “We are excited that after three years of persistent constructive engagement with the regulator and policymakers, we now have the opportunity to operate an LTE 4G license in Ghana.”

“We are happy that our customers will finally experience faster data speed starting next year. Vodafone is committed to continuously work with the regulator to promote digital inclusion in the country, for which the 4G spectrum will play a critical role. It will also enable Vodafone to work with the government on its agenda of digitizing Ghana’s economy.”

She added, “I will like to thank our shareholders – the government of Ghana which has 30 per cent shares, and Vodafone Group with 70 per cent shares in Vodafone Ghana – for their commitment to our operations and their support in our quest to deploy 4G in Ghana. With such strong partnership between our shareholders, Vodafone Ghana is optimistic of a great future for our customers and the country”.

Digital revolution 

Vodafone said access to 4G spectrum it has acquired now will contribute to its vision of igniting Ghana’s digital revolution.

According to the company, the license also highlights a positive end to the telecom operator, which is celebrating a decade of existence in Ghana’s telecoms industry.